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“GunLangQiaBa” the online library of dagon is officially launched today. བརྙན། དབྱིན་སྐད།
[ཟླ་ཚེས།:2017-07-04] [གཟིགས་ཐེངས:]

“GunLangQiaBa” the online library of dagon is officially launched today.

     Today we have gathered to hold the ceremony to open the door of the ‘GunLangQiaBa’This series contains the essence of the culture of the people of the land of snow. Its purity is matchless like the purity of Mount Tise, And it is extremely profound, like the lake Maphan Yumtsho.

     The majority of the guest who attend to the ceremony have come from afar, and we want to thank you very much for taking the time to attend.

     Since August 2011 they have worked very hard, day and night. And theirs is a wonderful achievement. Thank you very much to each staff member involved in editing!

     Now publication has been successful, we can give the result as a present to believers all over the world.

     Our aim is to protect the world's cultural heritage, and to selflessly provide the more ancient texts to enthusiasts for cultural relics.

     But especially it is to spread the teaching of Buddha, so it will remain for a long time on the world and benefit sentient beings, to promote more and more people to do good deeds, and to benefit future generations. 

     Thank you very much to all of you who have supported and helped our classical editing team. Thank you to the donors, those who rejoiced, participants, communicators. All of you will obtain boundless virtuous achievement.

     May all people avoid any kind of disaster, enjoy good health, wealth and longevity, have a successful career, be born in a pure land in the next life, and quickly obtain the perfect fruit of the three Bodies.



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